Friday, May 1, 2009

The April 28 Class

The Art Clubbers really seemed to enjoy themselves as they assembled all of the pictorial elements they collected the week before. Today's pictures are of Josh's collage and here is Tory with her "Mantini" collage. (We had a lot of Men's Health magazines around!) Click on any image to enlarge. They are very clever.
The first thing we did was have everyone come into the kitchen for a demonstration. I went over the posters I had made to remind everyone of a way to assemble their collage. I collected some images and made a collage for them. I had a little cup with Modge Podge, and a foam brush and painted the back of my elements and glued them down. I think this way is better than everyone using a bottle of Elmer's glue. Those tips are forever clogging up.

After the demonstra-tion, everyone got their own cup of glue and a foam brush. They picked from a variety of different papers to use for a background and set to work. At this point I learned that it may not be such a hot idea to let people bring their projects home. Some did not come back to class. It was not a tragedy, they just had to start over and find new images.

Some people finished in a hurry. Twenty minutes into a two-hour class and I had calls of, "I'm finished!" Yikes! I asked if they might like to put words into their collage. Some said yes, so the hunt was on once again. We looked through the magazines for letters, creating our words "ransom note" style. Jimmy's was particularly successful. Leann spelled her name out this way on her collage.
Then the artists needed to decide if they wanted glitter on their collage. I am particularly fond of glitter, and all things sparkly. I think it can make a collage look magical, Not everyone went for the idea, but some did. We went to the kitchen, where I had a glitter station set up. I did my best to keep the mess down, but, you know, its glitter! I would say 90% of glitterers went for silver. Nick's rock and roll cave man collage really came to life when he used glitter. The other choice was white glitter, which ends up looking kind of frosty. People who had previously rejected glitter were now lining up to make their collages magical. Mary Glasser created a great border of swirly lines out of glitter. Amy Coldreck's spare use of glitter added just a little bit of sparkle but did not overwhelm her tiger-stripe background.

The next and final Art Club class for this session is May 5. I'll see if I can get the artists to talk about their choices and hopefully come up with titles.

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