Monday, May 11, 2009

Princeton Art Museum

This trip to the Museum was an Art Club event but, anyone in ARC could sign up. We had only 7 people sign up, so it was quite manageable. We had 2 docents waiting for us when we arrived, so we split up into 2 groups. Our docent was very knowledgeable, but I think we spent too much time on too few pieces of art. I would have moved us around more, but, I wasn't in charge. I did spy a large collage in the gallery with modern art, so I asked if we could see it. She allowed us to go off course a little, so that was good.  In this gallery there was one of those Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe prints.  I had shown everyone a Marilyn on the first day of Art Club (along with the Mona Lisa and American Gothic and some other very famous paintings) so it was cool to see it in person at the museum. I think at least some of the Art Clubbers remembered seeing it.

I want to resume Art Club in September. I'm thinking that I will have everyone write and illustrate a book. More info on that coming soon.

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