Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Collage Class Wrap Up

The final Art Club class was Tuesday, May5th. Everyone mounted their collages onto black presentation board. Some Art Clubbers could not attend due to Special Olympic schedules, and one Art Clubber was ill. No problem, we mounted their collages for them. Then we put them up and had a critique. That went better than expected; sometimes it is hard to talk about your own art. We managed to come up with names or at least descriptive words for all of the collages.

Patti Johnson asked us to send the collages to her so they could be hung in the ARC office.

At this point we had special, art opening style snacks, apple juice, cheese and crackers and oreos. (Thanks for shopping, Kate!) See a picture of the staff relaxing with their snacks.

I spread a large piece of paper over the table and set out buckets of magic markers and once again, everyone got creative.

On Saturday we will be visiting the Princeton University Art Museum. Check the blog to hear about this adventure.

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